Tasty Burger

Now that is a tasty burger! Inspired by the Quentin Tarantino's highly quotable crime movie: Pulp Fiction, this painting is a montage of props and themes from the iconic film. From the five dollar shake (now a reasonable price!) to Jules' Wallet and the Jack Rabbit Slim's burger (or is it a Royale with Cheese?).  

Assembling the props

Red Apple tobacco is a long running brand in Tarantino movies and I knew I wanted to include it in this painting. I used photos of an actual prop to recreate my packet from scratch. 

Sometimes the final composition doesn't include all of the items I've made. 

Creating the painting

Working in my Northamptonshire studio Pulp Diner has been painted in oils on a rigid support. A grisaille underpainting was painted first in a traditional style before colour was added. 


© 2019 Robin Springett.

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