The Little Dragon

The Little Dragon

The Little Dragon is one of my "Five animals of Kungfu" series. Symbolising mystery and luck, the snake is an important part of Chinese culture. So important in fact that its influence can be seen in a wide range of martial styles from Shaolin and Wing Chun to Tai Chi and other internal arts. The sinuous, inevitable movements can tie an opponent in knots. This picture painted in a combination of gouache and watercolour illustrates the concentration and implied danger a snake practitioner hones in the course of their practice. 


The original artwork is available. 


Available as a limited edition of 25, all prints are produced on acid-free cotton based paper using archival inks. Each print is hand signed by the artist. The print is supplied unframed in a bevelled card mount. Image size: 210 x 297mm. Mount size: 305 x 407mm.


The original is supplied in a black box frame, and is painted in watercolour on a hot press paper. Framed size 300 x 400mm


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