Props and Curios

The Copper Bones

The Goonies is one of my all time favourite movies and I couldn't resist recreating this awesome prop. In order to see how I created this piece click the link below to view my blog. I also have a few of these for sale in the link below. Best be quick, they're selling fast! 


The Crown of Bethmora

I have a slight Hellboy obsession which has lead to me recreating quite a few items from the movies. This was the first model I crafted using my 3D printer. Instructions on how I made my first crown are in the link below. It's come on a bit since then, to buy the new version, click the link.


Sammael Blockprints

The most accurate version of the Sammael artwork you will find excepting the original. I spent hours examining stills of the movie, and then further hours painstakingly cutting the design in order to produce this. Instructions below, and a link to purchase one direct should you so choose. 


For many more projects and resources take a look at my blog at the link below.